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Inspired by Hera, the Queen and Greek goddess of protection over women - HERA's mission is to connect female professionals, provide more resources for success, and ultimately protect the future of women. 

Founder's Story

Throughout my career in marketing, I’ve met and grown with people from all over the world in all different industries and roles. After all the meetings, video calls, conferences, and simple workdays, one thing has blown me away – the power of a woman with vision.

Countless times I’ve witnessed women in the workplace deliver a project or presentation, solve a problem, or lead a team with limitless creativity, compassion, and groundbreaking excellence. Not only did they break records and pave new ways for companies, but they also took care of children at home, battled trauma and medical conditions, overcame discrimination, and finally helped others far beyond expectation.

Then suddenly at the height of my career, I realized not only what one, but a group of women could do.

At this time in my life, I reached complete and total burnout. I had worked too hard, too many jobs, for too long. What started as casual stress turned into fainting spells at work, unbearable pain, and eventually a diagnosis for PCOS. Living with extreme pain and uncertainty in rock bottom and trying to continue with life and work, I started to reach out to the women in my life.
I received overwhelming support and deeper stories from every single one. After a year of hard work, I was healthier, happier, and living with a better mindset – and guess what… pain free. Where several doctors had told me “there’s nothing else you can do,” my ladies had countless solutions for me. And they worked.

As I got back on my feet, it was in a time of thankfulness and inspiration that I had the idea for Hera. I wanted to start a women’s group simply focused on supporting and enjoying each other. Not just personally, but professionally as well.

I poured my passions into HERA and made it a place where all women can thrive, support each other, and celebrate themselves. While my personal struggles were with work-life balance and personal health, we have so much more we can do for each other – offer guidance and help, exchange investment and opportunity, address issues and obstacles we face, and finally just BE there for each other.

And so, at HERA, I’m proud to say we operate on this belief:
One woman can achieve anything, but a group of women working together could easily reshape the world.

- Alicia Zander, CEO & Founder

Your Story

In this organization, the focus is less on the Founder's story and more on YOUR story. 

We want to embrace woman from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and industries, with all different struggles, missions, and triumphs.

What has your journey been like? What friends and partners would you like to have? What greater purpose are you trying to accomplish? What is your story now, and what WILL you turn your story into?

The beauty of HERA is you can use this opportunity however you choose - and we can't wait to see what you do.

What Is HERA?

The HERA Brand

HERA is a members-only organization for female leaders to socialize and collaborate with each other. Managers, Directors, VP's Presidents, CEO's, Founders, and more are all welcome and encouraged to support each other long-term.

Our members enjoy a private app & platform, exclusive event invitations and discounts, content, merchandise, opportunity with each other, and more.


While there are already many women's groups in existence, we would like to share our unique perspective and philosophy as an organization. We encourage that all members use these pillars as inspiration to their interactions and goals.


We can all be successful without assigning blame, hate, or ill-will to another party. Some believe that in order for succeed, someone else has to fail - it is our view that through an abundance of opportunity in this world that there is something out there for everyone, and that "success" through bad sportsmanship is not really success at all.

For example, we are here to celebrate women, not hate on or put down men in any way, shape, or form. 

Ask For Help

As generations of women have gained rights, powers, and growth, many have adapted to the belief that "I can do it myself" and "I don't need any help." While that may work for some, we believe it is essential to find a close circle of people you can rely on to stay successful in this world. And so HERA members are encouraged to ask for help and not keep the burden all on themselves.

Give Help

At HERA, we encourage those at the top to lend a helping hand to their fellow woman. Are you a successful entrepreneur? Now you can invest in another entrepreneur. Have you become a record-breaking sales woman? Give another sales rep your best advice. We ask that as opportunities arise such as posted questions, fundraisers, or mentorship programs become available, that each member strongly considers taking the time to help at least one other member.


Have you ever been underwhelmed after achieving a huge goal? Did your friends or relatives not understand your accomplishments? Did you celebrate alone? Well not anymore.

We invite HERA members to post about their accomplishments or event throw in-person or digital parties and events to celebrate the occasion!  You deserve it!


What if the powerful women in the world were more connected? What if we could lean on each other when things go wrong? What if we could invest in each other until all female business owners are widely successful? What if women were even more unstoppable because we stuck together? What if each woman didn't have to make it all by herself? 
These are the greater questions we would like to see answered.

It is our Vision that women will change the world - together.


Join the Club!

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