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By joining HERA, you will always have access to a network of women in power - from Managers to CEO's. Beyond using apps like Facebook or LinkedIn, you can connect with members in this space who are purpose-driven for collaboration and sisterhood. 




Collaborate like never before on the HERA App. Need an investor or a brand partnership? Looking for a new job opportunity or organization? Maybe you're running a non-profit fundraiser and want to invite a strong network? Any of these needs and more can be voiced safely in our organization. We encourage all members to not only ask for help when they need it, but to take opportunities to give back to the world.




It can be a lonely ride to the top - but not anymore. Inside HERA, you will be able to make new friendships with more women just like you. Reach out to start conversations, invite members to special events, or celebrate with the community however you see fit. You did it, you deserve it, now let's celebrate your success! 

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Our Features

Bringing Powerful Women Together



All access including contacts, forums, events, invites, opportunities, and more are a members-only area. This is a private place free of any fake accounts, bots, or spam.


Exclusive Events

In addition to automatic invites to HERA events and parties, start or get welcomed to special events thrown by our lovely members - digital or in-person.


Invest & Donate

As you connect with your favorite HERA friends, take the opportunity to ask for help or give help. We want to make it easy for women to partner up on fundraising, problem-solving, or any new ventures.


Forum + Groups

Comment and chat with the whole community on member forums, or join a more exclusive group inside the app. You choose your level of socialization and privacy.


Shop & Socialize

Stop in, check on your favorite ladies, say hello, start a side business, or just browse through the latest HERA styles. It doesn't have to be all work and no play!


Community & More

The platform is just the beginning - stay tuned as HERA grows and take the community with her! Larger events, recognition, and opportunities will be coming soon - with all HERA ladies at the top of the list.


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HERA is a community made up of Managers, Directors, VP's, Presidents, C-Suite Executives, CEO's, Founders, and more boss ladies!

All industries and backgrounds welcome for women to sign on, connect, and enjoy growing together.

Meaningful Connections

We encourage all HERA members to foster meaningful connections and relationships with one another.
Rather than add 300 friends, view 50 posts, and never really reach out to anyone - join a private group, comment on someone's post, or talk to 10 women! Support and encourage any chance you get.

HERA is designed to make it easier for women to keep succeeding together. Why can't we make new friends and business partners at the same time?

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