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As we grow our network, we will soon be launching the HERA Foundation. To get notified on the launch, sign up for our Newsletter.


Female Entrepreneurship

The HERA Foundation will prioritize investment into female-owned companies. From donations to business support and consulting, our goal will be to help more women become financially independent, employ others, and grow their community. In the future, it will accept a wide variety of applicants and help connect all candidates to better resources for the future.

Women's Health

The HERA Foundation prioritizes Women's Health, addressing the significant gap in medical research and overall well-being within the US healthcare system. Women's voices are now resonating as they navigate challenges such as birth control, hormonal disorders, autoimmune conditions, and much more. Our mission: fund research, innovate solutions, and elevate awareness and education for all.

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Scholarship & Mentorship

In the future, the HERA Foundation will prioritize scholarships and educational opportunities for women, complemented by a robust mentorship program with HERA members. Our goal will be to empower women through access to education and personalized guidance, enabling them to pursue their academic goals and careers with confidence. We will offer scholarships, mentorship initiatives, and resources aimed at fostering meaningful connections and professional development. Our vision includes cultivating a supportive community where women can thrive academically and beyond, making impactful contributions to their fields and society as a whole.

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