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Values & Goals

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If you’re a leader among your peers, you have high hopes for the future, and you want to help protect womankind – this group is for you.

Our values are centralized around positivity, teamwork, and celebration.

Our goals are to provide an intentional space for female professionals, to increase opportunity and success for our members, and to protect the future of womankind.

Lifestyle & Experience

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If you desire the “boss-woman” lifestyle with more friends just like you – you’ve found your people.

Our aim is to encourage female leaders to socialize and collaborate more together.

Teamwork & Security

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If you value networking and opening more doors for your future – invest in this opportunity.

Your membership with HERA keeps you connected and growing as a community. 

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CEO & Founder of HERA, CMO of Grocially, Entrepreneur, Women's Health Advocate

Alicia Hauss, propelled by her journey in Marketing, found constant inspiration in the unwavering tenacity, strategic prowess, camaraderie, and achievements of women in the workplace. Driven by a passion for supporting and connecting with female executives, she founded HERA to truly empower and unite women in leadership.



HERA is a platform for female executives and leaders to connect and grow with each other. Our online club offers chat, forums, and social feeds to help you stay connected. We also provide life and business planners to streamline your planning process. See everything our platform has to offer!


We invite our members to take the time to celebrate themselves and each other. The full HERA brand supports socializing, shopping, and private events in order to provide the opportunity to share growth and live a new lifestyle!

Giving Back

The future of HERA is to protect women - period. We are excited to announce the launch of our non-profit organization soon, including funding initiatives for causes like Female Entrepreneurship, Women's Health, and Scholarship & Mentorship Programs. 

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